Dollar Bill by Joy

Dareese Blake, given the moniker Dollar Bill, is one of those bad guys women love to hate. But if you ask his home girl, Thomasena, it's been nothing but love since day one. In Dollar's eyes, Thomasena is just one of the boys, so it's no surprise that he tends to overlook her for every other piece of tail that wags by him.

In an effort to escape the hood life and dabble in the good life, Dollar quickly grows from a small pup just living and learning to a big dawg learning to live. After carefully critiquing the game, Dollar chooses a concrete type of hustle the he's sure will offer him an early retirement in the workforce. But as the saying goes, behind every bad boy is a bad chick, and it goes without saying that for Dollar, Thomasena is definitely that chick. So when Dollar calls on Thomasena to help him in the ultimate come-up, will she be able to put her emotions of rejection on the backburner, or will Dollar get burned?

Dollar Bill by Joy
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