The Carpenters Music Survey by Tony Brassington

In 2019, the Carpenters 50th anniversary year (50 years since signing with A&M Records) The Carpenters Music Survey, asked 26 wide ranging questions covering many aspects of their careers and musical legacy. There were only a handful of tick-box / multiple choice questions in the survey, after that, the questions were mainly designed to encourage written answers. Written answers allowed people to write a combination of genuine, honest, heartfelt, emotional responses. Which of course any Carpenters fan can easily relate to and appreciate. The survey also reached many clear conclusions and discovered a few surprises too.--The Carpenters Music Survey was completed by a wide assortment of people including, long time Carpenters fans, singers and tribute singers, musicians; including female drummers.

The Carpenters Music Survey by Tony Brassington
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