The Emblem by James Kelly

Limited First Edition - 1995, James Kelly's First Book Published

In 1978, Colonel Warren was sent on mission to uncover and photograph plans for a top secret military base to be built in the small Middle East country of Libania. In the safe with the plans was an ornate medallion embossed with a unique emblem. For nearly 14 years the image of that medallion stays etched in Colonel Warren's mind. After disclosure, and unaware of the power he possessed, the Colonel duplicates it to wear as a good luck charm. Little did the Colonel know that it was much more than just a piece of jewelry. Vinton, a double-agent from that small Middle East country, discovers the medallion in Colonel Warren's possession. Vinton sets out to destroy the medallion and the Colonel before it can be utilized. In the path of all the mayhem is his only daughter, Nikki. When turmoil ensues, and both the Colonel and his daughter disappear, Zais, Nikki's fiancée, sets out on a mission to determine their whereabouts or possible demise.

The Emblem by James Kelly
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